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`RUNAWAY CHAINSAW - in Bathurst' - - - - - - - - - - - - - (Short film - Extended Online Credits)

A 14-minute movie (or, `short film') created for the Bathurst Remembers Project

See also the Bathurst Remembers 200 Years YouTube channel, here for the full 14-minute film experience.

`RUNAWAY CHAINSAW - in Bathurst'

A chainsaw gets away on a bloke and roars off on a historical sight-seeing tour of Bathurst NSW, Australia. 


The Movie Trailer (30 secs)


I Wandered, Lonely as a Runaway Chainsaw


And, if the Trailer (above) seems interesting - here is the 14-minute short movie, made for the Bathurst Remembers competition:


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Below are some snapshots that the runaway chainsaw took, while on his historical tour of Bathurst.

The Band Pavilion - Machattie Park, Bathurst

Peter Brock Memorial statue - The National Motor Racing Museum - Bathurst, NSW

Charles Darwin 1836 Memorial plaque - Machattie Park Fernery, Bathurst
I also wrote a historical-comedy play about Charles Darwin's visit to Bathurst in 1836.
It's called `Darwin Down Under'.

The Crago Mill - cafe and emporium

Bathurst Historical Society

Old Government Cottage

`Bathurst 200': 1815-2015 - Bicentenary Celebrations (@ All Saints Cathedral)

Ribbon Gang Lane
Actually if The Ribbon Gang is of interest (and they should be, as - they'd beat `The Kelly Gang' in a fight, any day - there was 143 of them, at one point) - then, I recommend you take a look at Barry Cubitt's excellent online historical work about The Ribbon Gang, and, also, see Henry Bialowas' excellent book, Ten Dead Men (Bialowas 2010), And, if Kelso history is of interest, see Kelso Village: Book 1 (2001) by Alan McRae and Carol Churches. (Copies of these two books are available for purchase, in the Bathurst Historical Society.)




Everything "filmmakery"
JT Velikovsky
(i.e., Written, Directed, Produced, Edited & Sound Designed - etc.)


(i.e. Creative Commons 3.0, royalty-free classical music)

Strauss Waltz Medley - by Johann Strauss
Performed by the USAF Band, Strolling Strings
Strauss Waltz Medley (arr. C. Granovsky) 
Strauss Waltz Medley - Dennis M. Layendecker, Johann Strauss II
Provided by rumblefish
Rebeat Digital GmbH

The Blue Danube Waltz
by Johann Strauss Jr (royalty free)
aka `An der schönen blauen Donau' (Waltz, Nr.314) - Wiener Symphoniker
Provided by Rebeat Digital GmbH

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
(from The Nutcracker Suite) 
by Pyotr Ilich Tchaikovsky
(Provided by Kevin Macleod)
"Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Chainsaw sounds
provided by Soundjay

Nuclear explosion
by TechnoStickmen

Wind sound (over Opening Credits) -
Provided by Mark DiAngelo

Sound of a Piano breaking
(over `Lights Camera - Axin!' title screen)
Provided by Brandendorf

Sound of Audience Applause
(over Lights Camera - Axin! title screen)
Provided by mattiew11

NUCLEAR EXPLOSIONS (stock footage)
Creative Commons 3.0 License

GOOGLE EARTH (filmed animation)
 “Map data © 2015 Google”
Imagery of Earth, Newbridge and Bathurst region is 
© 2015 Google Earth Content & Google Maps


Everyone in Bathurst

Everyone in Newbridge


Anyone I forgot...
(let me know if I need to add you, here)


Clive, and everyone at Brabham Chainsaws - Bathurst
(for donating the old chainsaw-bar)

Aaron Schembri @ Bathurst Old Wares
(for Standby Costume Design, Wardrobe supplies 
& Dance choreography)

Monika & Tom @ Metal as Anything - The Blacksmith (Newbridge, NSW)
(for, the nice cuppa tea & chat ! )

Also, Special Thanks to:

Bruce Ryan, Filmmaker
For all the handy filmmaking advice & tips,
at the Bathurst 200 `Snapshots In Time' Exhibition !

and thanks to

Phil, David & Yasmin @ the CSU Bathurst Truskett Library
for kind permissions, and for
charging my phone-camera that day, when it went flat 

and to

Vince Melton, Bathurst Theatre Co
for helpful feedback on the Rough-Cut of the film
(...get it?   `RUNAWAY CHAINSAW... the Rough-CUT')

and Thanks to

`Gazza & Kev', and also Jamie B. Lewis (and, if you're reading this and haven't watched Mikey's Extreme Romance, then please do so, immediately if not sooner), and Tim Farrell - thanks also to Rossco Carroll, Footlice Theatre Co, (Newcastle), The Decent Ventriloquists (Adelaide), The Cleveland Steamers (Melbourne), Andrew Traucki, Alex Davies, Michael Meany, Marcus Gibson, Chris Mosely, Adrian Van de Velde, but - most of all - thanks to:

Roger Corman.

Roger (Corman) & Me...

i.e. Check out Roger's movies... Check out the titles of his movies. Check out the budgets of his movies.
Check out, how many Directors & Filmmakers careers Roger started. Including, James Cameron.

See: Roger Corman on IMDb

Anyway - Stay Tuned, for:


The Director's CUT


* (Also - P.S. - I know that `Bathurst' is not spelt: `Bathrust', but it is an easy typo to make...)


Also - just by the way - above is only 
the (14-minute) `short film' version...




The 90-minute, 


Theatrical Cinema,






The Full-Length Movie-Thing 
~ A Tale of Forbidden Love ~ 
...the Runaway-Chainsaw, and Ms. Runaway-Rechargable-Power-Drill...

`RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.... rrrring-a-ding-ding-ding.... RRRRRRRRRRRR ! '
(TRANSLATION: "Although I am only a humble chainsaw, I too have hopes, dreams, ambitions, desires...")

For more information, visit:

(which is not too hard, as: you're already there)


Also - as an `explanatory aside': There is a 14 minute time-limit on the Bathurst Remembers YouTube videos, so, that's the main reason that the `full extended credits' are included here online, e.g. with the CCA 3.0 details, and so on. (Also my problem is, I'm usually so busy filming, I sometimes forget to write down, who I need to Thank - and then later I think of it, and I feel terrible for not properly Thanking people who really deserve a credit or appreciation, so, that's what's good about an `Extended Online Credits' blog page; you can keep updating it, as you remember who you forgot to Thank...!)


Also - if, of interest - just regarding, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 - and, the use of royalty-free Music and also Sound Effects sourced from the web in this project - the following text is taken from the SoundBible website:

`Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 is one of many CC Audio types. Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 put simply means you can use this audio but you must attribute your work to this person. [e.g.] If the audio is from Mike Koenig then you need to give him credit somewhere. That somewhere could be in the credits, the cd cover, or a link to the sounds page from your site.' 
(Source: SoundBible web page, 2015 - bold emphasis mine)
So, obviously I didn't do literally everything on the film, as, I actually sourced much of the Music (and Sound FX) online, at the royalty-free websites, above.

But - I guess I sort of did, everything else, more or less...

It was an interesting experiment to try and do everything yourself on a film! (That's also why, I mentioned the short film "BAMBI MEETS GODZILLA" (1969) in the End Credits...
i.e. one guy did pretty much all of that film, too.)


Production stihls - from `RUNAWAY CHAINSAW - The Movie'

A Newbridge Too Far

So Far From Mount - Panorama 

It's a Sign..!


Train spotting
Runaway Chainsaw builds a snowman


You Are Now Leaving `Snowbridge' - Missing Ute Already...

Making Friends...

I Wandered, Lonely as a Runaway Chainsaw


- Comments, most welcome,

~ JT Velikovsky
Transmedia Filmmaker
Websites: Transmedia Writing site 
& also the StoryAlity site (my doctoral research blog about Movies & Screenwriting, & stuff)

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